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STATSports Training Grip Socks

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The Brand New STATSports Training Grip Socks are the professionals choice and used by high-level elite stars including Harry Kane and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Developed for both male and female athletes.

Grip socks reduce slippage inside your cleats giving you greater stability, keeping you focused on the game and giving you the ability to perform with ultimate comfort saying goodbye to blisters once and for all. 

Complete your kitbag with the STATSports grip socks and once you've tried them there will be no going back to ordinary sports socks.

• Mid-Calf Length

• Light Material to help cool the feet during exercise

• Reduced risk of ankle and knee injuries due to increased stability

• GRIP stabilizes the foot inside your footwear, reducing movement and friction

• Made using the highest quality fibres for greater comfort 

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STATSports Training Grip Socks STATSports Training Grip SocksSTATSports Training Grip SocksSTATSports Training Grip Socks